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We help Publishers and Affiliates monetize their traffic by placing proprietary ad tags that display different ad formats across the web

Serve ads to highly targeted audiences and rely on user-intent not demographics. Promote your products through our premium inventory of leading publishers and media outlets across the globe using a variety of channels and ad formats. IDP contextually identifies user intent and pulls the most relevant ads with high RPMs.

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The Benefits of Sunhamedia’ Advertising Platform

With our innovative, easy-to-use ad platform, you will learn to understand your audience better and provide

them with the perfect customer experience they want and need.

Reach Relevant Audience With a Relevant Message

We help you select and craft easily digestible ad formats that overcome banner noise by serving highly engaging ads to users who are more likely to engage with new offers.

Be Visible in The Right Place at The Right Time

Your ads will appear to the user at the very moment they are looking for products and services similar to yours. Optimize on autopilot or ask your account manager to help out.

Everything In Line with Your Budget

Sunhamedia advertising platform gives you full control over your advertising budget. Set a monthly budget cap, pause or adjust your spend anytime. There is no minimum fee and you only pay for clicks.

More Reach & Smarter Customer Journeys

With a pool of more than 2k+ publishing sites and media outlets you won’t have to worry whether your message will get heard. Improve your campaign performance by using intelligent ad platform capabilities to create more personalized experiences.

Custom Solutions for Premium Brands

Join thousands of advertisers around the world who have put their trust in our system. We have engineered a platform that caters to all needs of our partners. Intuitive dashboards with detailed graphics, comprehensive stats, various possibilities and much more to simplify performance tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do have our terms and ad quality guidelines and all advertisers who apply to our platform need to follow these guidelines. If you have some special requirements and concerns, please feel free to write to us via the contact form.

It is pretty simple. Register and fill in your details. Select that you would like to become an advertiser and you will be contacted by our team. They will help you with immediate integration into our system while the approval process is minimal.

We mostly work with utility offers for both mobile and desktop traffic. Regarding the desktop traffic, we have our in-house installers and browser extensions. When it comes to mobile traffic, we mainly work with VPNs and various cleaners. And finally, the offer that comprises both desktop and mobile traffic is our push notification one click offer which, at the moment, is our star product with an amazingly high CR and available for world wide.