Publisher Policy

This Publisher Policy was last updated on December 2022.

Sunhamedia Ltd (Montenegro) is an advertising network that provide services for products monetization and promotion (hereinafter “Advertiser”). It connects publishers and advertisers globally (hereinafter “Service”), and You (hereinafter “Publisher”, “Partner”, “You”, “Your Product”, “Your Website”, “Your App”, “Your Extension”) as the owner of websites, apps, or extensions who seeks service in order to present advertisers products/services to such websites or apps.

Contains important information about, among others, the collection and use of personal data; the legal grounds for the processing of that data; disclosures of that personal data to third parties and the use of cookies on the Website.

Sunhamedia is committed to protecting your privacy and handling your personal data transparently. For that reason, this privacy policy covers important information about the collection and use of personal data for publishers.

Please read this Publisher Policy carefully before you decide to apply as a publisher with Sunhamedia. By registering to Sunhamedia Publisher Platform you hereby agree to comply with the following publisher terms.

The main guidelines of the Publishers Policy are detailed hereunder:

  • Terms Used
  • Information Provided
  • Publisher Obligations
  • Payment
  • Sunhamedia Direct Offers
  • Fraudulent Activity
  • Confidentiality and Security
  • Violation of the Agreements

Terms Used:

  • “Publisher” – you or a third party using the service of the advertiser including but not limited to websites, blogs, portals, extensions, or apps.
  • “Publisher Account” – the account which the publisher will be using in order to use the service of the advertiser.
  • “Advertiser” – Sunhamedia as an advertiser including all Sunhamedia’ partners.
  • “Ad” or “Advertisement” (singular and plural) – media, video or advertisement, or similar online ad including but not limited to banners, pop-ups and pop-unders, push notification, inpage-push notification, native ad, video advertisement, button, skyscraper or a similar format generated from the Advertisers side.
  • “Content” – anything placed on the publishers’ websites, apps or extensions, including but not limited to documents, data apps, images, news, video material, e-mail information etc.
  • “Confidential information” – any information provided by the parties coming to an agreement between the Discloser and the Recipient ( the disclosing party and the receiving party).

Information Provided:

  • All billings are based upon the data of the Advertiser’s tracking system.
  • The Advertiser shall make best efforts to maximize the income generated from the Campaign.
  • The Advertiser shall make best efforts to solve potential discrepancy issues generated from the Campaigns.
  • Advertiser shall provide panel dashboard where Publisher will track daily revenue

Publisher Obligations:

The Publisher using the Service of the Advertiser agrees to the following:

  • The Publisher is obliged to provide accurate information about their website/app or any other type of platform they offer to the Advertiser in order for us to present our ads.
  • The Publisher is obliged to sign an IO prior to requesting payment.
  • The Publisher is obliged to Agree to the ToS and Publisher Policy if they want to use Sunhamedia Publisher Platform.


Sunhamedia provides several payment methods in order to provide conditions for a beneficial cooperation between the Advertiser and the Publisher:

  • Advertiser will pay out the Publisher’s revenue once a month if they reach the minimum amount stated in this Partners Policy.
  • Minimum payout amounts – wire transfer 1000 USD, payoneer|paypall 100USD
  • Publisher bears payment fees if required.
  • All the information about the payout amounts are available in the Publisher Account.
  • You may request all the paid invoices via email at [email protected].
  • Sunhamedia holds the right to adjust your account balance in the case of deduction of transaction fees, due to technical reasons, due to fraudulent activity, upon additional agreement by the parties.
  • Sunhamedia holds the right to refuse the process of payment if we find that the publisher is violating any of, but not limited to the Publisher policies.
  • If the amount the Publisher requests is less than stated above Sunhamedia reserves the right to move the amount to the next month until the Publisher reaches the specified minimum if they request Wire Payment or Payoneer.

Sunhamedia reserves the right to update this information without prior notice.

Besides Sunhamedia’ In-house offers, Sunhamedia also works as a middleman for advertisers, therefore the Publisher acknowledges and accepts that payment for the Publisher’s revenue is contingent on Sunhamedia’ receiving payments from advertisers without restrictions. If Sunhamedia does not get paid by the advertiser, you hereby release Sunhamedia from any claim for Publisher revenue.

Sunhamedia Direct Offers:

  • As a product owner/website owner whose content and technology is being offered, distributed, promoted, installed, registered or any action made related to the offer via the Sunhamedia platform (“Partner”) you are required to comply with Sunhamedia’s Partners Policy. The main guidelines of the Partners Policy are detailed hereunder:
  • No use of the Sunhamedia platform is allowed for any purpose apart from the lawful installation or any action of the offer advertised within the platform, nor any modification or misuses of the Sunhamedia platform components.
  • No CPI/CPA offer advertised within the platform will be installed nor will any activity be conducted or applied on an End User’s computer or any type of device unless prior explicit End User’s consent is granted.
  • All CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform must be distributed with an End User license agreement (EULA) and privacy policy which shall be available for display to End User during the installation process or any action required, and shall adhere to the actual usage of the End User’s personal information.
  • All CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform must comply with the privacy policy, and must have clear and accurate representation regarding the type of information which is being collected and the forms of collections and usage and sharing of such information when applicable. All relevant third parties who have access to any data shall be listed.
  • Partner shall not use the Sunhamedia platform in any manner that infringes upon End User’s privacy or to collect, transmit, copy or use in any manner End User’s personal identifiable information without End User’s explicit and informed consent.
  • Partner should use the Sunhamedia platform solely for the installation or any required action of CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform or content to which he is the rightful owner or is duly licensed for such activity.
  • All CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform shall detail the name and contact info of its provider.
  • No feature or functionality of the CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform will disable or uninstall or intentionally interfere with or modify the operation of other applications in the End User’s computer, internet browsing, browser functionality, views of webPages or any website without the End User’s prior explicit and informed consent.
  • No feature of functionality of the CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform shall require the End User to participate in any other online activity as a precondition to its operation.
  • No CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform will interfere with End User’s ability to change operating system or browser settings, including installation or uninstallation of other offers or apps.
  • All CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform shall be capable of being completely uninstalled/removed/unsubscribed from the End User’s computer by clear and specific means in a reasonable manner.
  • Each Partner shall provide End User’s with an explicit clarification regarding its CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform and its core functionalities and features and shall not use any misleading, fraudulent or inappropriate representations when directing End User’s to such applications/offers.
  • All advertisement campaigns or solicitation of Software application download will be in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  • No advertisement will be displayed by the CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform unless it is clearly marked and identified as an advertisement originating from or by the CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised.
  • No CPI/CPA offers or any offers advertised within the platform or any content provided by the application shall: (a) infringe any third parties IP rights or right of privacy and publicity; (b) Contain or promote illegal, pornographic, obscene, racist, offensive or discriminatory material; (c) Contain harmful applications or components which intentionally create or exploit any security vulnerabilities in an End User’s computer, including: viruses, spyware, malware, spamware and worms.
  • No Downloadable Offer/App shall generate automated clicks on advertisements, visits or views of webpages or otherwise engage in activity which is meant to generate revenues to any 3rd parties without the end-user’s knowledge and/or consent.

Fraudulent Activity:

Sunhamedia Publishers should follow our Anti Fraud and Anti Piracy Policy and other policies provided in this Publisher Policy.

Moreover, the Advertiser maintains the right to take any necessary civil or criminal action against the Publisher and, if it so chooses, to demand a refund of all or part of the monies improperly provided to the publisher, as well as damages and compensation.

Fraudulent activity within the Publisher Platform are considered the following but not limited to: Too High CTRs, Bot Traffic or Server-Side Traffic, Non-human behavior, or Spam.

The Advertiser is not obliged to pay the Publisher if they violate any of the Advertisers Publisher Policies enlisted in the Publisher Policy Page on the Advertisers Official Website.

The Publisher who has low performance traffic with no conversions or actions, and has previously started a CPC campaign through Sunhamedia Publisher platform, will be suspended from the Sunhamedia Publisher Platform without previous notice.

The Advertiser is not obliged to send notice for Publisher account termination if they violate any of the Policies enlisted in the Publisher Policy Page on the Advertisers Official Website.

Sunhamedia keeps the right to take all necessary measures needed to restore the damage caused by the violations named above. In any of the cases, Sunhamedia has the right and power to make all determinations about fraudulent activities that might occur.

Too many spammy complaints may lead to account suspension.

The publisher can’t have more than one account; more accounts lead to the direct disabling of the account. The same rule applies to more than one payment detail.

Publishers should refrain from using Server-Side Traffic that generates clicks or impressions because it may lead to suspicious traffic, which will cause you a suspension or block of the account.


Confidentiality and Security

The implementation of this Publisher Policy is part of Sunhamedia’s efforts to comply with industry best standards. Our goal is to protect the information means protecting any information you share with us, although we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

In case you believe that one of our Partners has been using the Sunhamedia platform in a manner which contradicts this Policy, we would appreciate it if you can contact us at [email protected] so we could take the necessary steps and investigate this matter.

Violation of the Agreements

By using our services, you agree on the following:

  • In case that we determine any violations of this site’s usage agreement or other guidelines related to your use of Publisher Platform, Sunhamedia keeps the right to terminate your access to the and/or block your future access to the Publisher Platform, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  • Sunhamedia will not be liable to you or to any third party for termination of your access to the Publisher Platform as a result of any violation of this site usage agreement by you.

Publisher Requirements

If you’re looking to become a publisher with Sunhamedia, there are some important requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, you must have access to your website’s administration panel, including HTML source code, so as to properly place the Sunhamedia js file and ad tag. Secondly, only register with websites that you own – this is for verification purposes and the prevention of fraudulent activities. Additionally, we do not accept websites hosted on free hosting or those containing adult content. Lastly, it is the publisher’s responsibility to create unique content relevant to their visitors, which provides a great user experience.

The Compliance team

The Compliance team will, in most cases, notify you if there are specific changes to your account.

After suspending or disabling the account, contact our Compliance Team at [email protected] in case you think it was a mistake.

To unsuspend and enable the account, you should provide quality and quantitative reports proving this mistake.

For more info, visit our knowledge base.