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Search Partnerships with Global Coverage

Search SDK for Chrome Extensions

Add our proprietary tag to enhance your users’ customer journey with relevant ads

Real-time Search Feed Optimization

Deep data analysis allows our technology to automatically route users based on their criteria to get the best possible RPMs and Traffic Quality.

Walkthrough Services

Does the integration seem complex to you? No worries! Your Account Manager is available across multiple messaging platforms and ready to help you out.

We Request Bing & Yahoo Approval for You

We will assist and share best practices on how to get approved by Bing & Yahoo so you can start monetizing without obstacles.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

We optimize based on every data point. Through our intuitive dashboard and agile system you’ll be able to track all results in real time, allowing for seamless feed optimization. This way, the system knows what to serve at what hour of the day and to whom.

Contextual to search

Boost your revenue & engage with your users through search-powered ads. Get access to premium search feeds to help you monetize your traffic.

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The Most Comprehensive Platform to Track Your Search SDK Monetization Activities

Hundreds of hours have been spent to engineer and perfect our publisher platform. Once inside, a detailed dashboard with insightful graphics, comprehensive stats, and various options will show up to simplify performance tracking.

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